When Your Father Is Getting Aggressive Due to Alzheimer’s and It’s Too Much for You to Handle, Elder Care Is Just a Call Away

When Your Father Is Getting Aggressive Due to Alzheimer’s and It’s Too Much for You to Handle, Elder Care Is Just a Call Away

 June 10, 2021

An older man with glasses is frowning.

Alzheimer’s can affect many aspects of a person’s life, and not just their life, but the lives of those around them, including a spouse, adult children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, and others.

If your father has been exhibiting any signs that his behavior is beginning to change and you’re concerned about how this will impact you and others you also care about, it’s time to take charge. Elder care can be one of the most valuable assets that people dealing with Alzheimer’s (and their family members) rely on. That’s especially true when the Alzheimer’s has progressed to a point when the senior is acting aggressively, either physically or verbally.

What kind of aggressive behaviors has your father been exhibiting lately?

Even though you, your mother, and perhaps others in your family have expected something like this, no amount of understanding or expectation can really prepare you for what happens. Mostly because what happens still comes unexpectedly.

You may have understood for a while that your father could get anxious, angry, and even hostile. However, some of the things he said recently caused you extreme duress.

You didn’t expect him to accuse you of the things he did. You never thought you would hear some of the vile language coming out of his mouth, especially somebody who is always sweet, calm, rational, and controlled.

You find your mother in tears more often than you find her smiling these days. In fact, you can’t remember the last time your mother smiled and it is taking a toll on you and everyone else in the family.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When it comes to the potential for aggressive behavior among aging men and women diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, verbal aggression is just one component. Maybe your father has become physically aggressive. He is striking you or other people trying to help him. He’s throwing things in anger across the room.
It can become downright frightening. That’s why elder care is something you and your family needs to talk about right now.

Alzheimer’s: Reach out for support now.

One of the best elder care support services available for aging men and women diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is home care. A home care agency most likely operates in your town or region right now.

An experienced home care aide can be an important buffer between you and the rest of your family and those aggressive behaviors. Plus, while you may act or react emotionally to those words or actions, a home care aide understands what’s going on and how best to handle the situation.

Instead of reacting in kind or holding onto those comments and accusations, the home care aide acts as a barrier that protects both the senior and his or her family from more harm.

Never underestimate the impact that aggressive tendencies can have on not just the senior dealing with Alzheimer’s, but the loved ones around them who are only desiring to support and continue loving them the best way they can.

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