What Does a Live-in Home Care Provider Do?

What Does a Live-in Home Care Provider Do?

 March 11, 2022

A woman and an older person hugging in a room.

If you’re considering hiring live-in homecare for your senior, you might want to have a clearer picture of what these types of services offer.

Handling Household Tasks

Keeping up with household tasks, like cleaning and laundry, can get difficult. That’s especially true if your senior is dealing with increasing health issues. Live-in home care providers are able to handle those routine tasks for your senior. That way she can spend her energy where she needs and wants to spend it.

Assisting with Mobility

If your elderly family member has mobility issues, it’s a huge relief for her to have someone there with her who can help her to move safely. Mobility assistance devices help to an extent, but it’s even better to have someone with experience there with your senior. If she does fall or experiences a medical emergency, there’s always someone with her.

Helping with Meals

Meal preparation can get exhausting quickly. That’s even more true if your elderly family member’s health is declining. The biggest problem is that she needs nutritious meals in order to help her to stay healthy. That’s where live-in home care providers make a huge difference.

Running Errands

It’s not always easy to run errands on her own, either. And if your elderly family member doesn’t drive any longer, that’s even trickier. With help from live-in home care providers, though, your elderly family member has someone to help with the driving and to help her to run her errands safely.

Helping with Personal Care

Personal care tasks, like bathing and getting dressed, can become difficult for your senior for a variety of reasons. Having someone there to help at all times of the day or night can be crucial in keeping her safe, clean, and healthy. Live-in care providers can handle all of that without robbing your senior of her dignity in the process.

Offering Companionship

It’s also important to remember just how comforting it can be to know someone else is there. Your senior may not realize how vital that is until she has that kind of companionship available more often. This is something that can help her mood immensely.

Live-in homecare is even more important if you and other family members aren’t able to be there with your senior. They can help you to know what is truly going on with your senior so that you can continue to find the best care possible for her.

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