What Are the Advantages of Senior Home Care?

What Are the Advantages of Senior Home Care?

 September 13, 2023

A nurse is caring for an elderly man.

As much as you’d like your dad to stay young forever, it’s not possible. His mobility is changing, and he’s dealing with some chronic health conditions that require medications, a healthier diet, and regular exercise. How does senior home care benefit an older adult?

He’s Not Alone All Day

When he lives by himself, your dad may not be close to family, former co-workers, or friends. People move to new communities after retirement, and that can reduce your social circle. You worry about your dad being alone all day, every day.

With senior home care, he has companionship visits. He’s not alone. His caregiver can watch a movie with him, pull out a board game, or join him on a walk. If he wants to go to the area museum for an afternoon, his caregiver can bring him.

He Has Help Running Errands

When it’s time to shop for household supplies, groceries, or pet food, your dad’s caregiver can bring him. He has help paying for the items, carrying the bags, and bringing things inside his home.

He may want to go to the senior center for a luncheon or group outing. His caregiver can help him sign up, arrive on time, and pick him up later.

He Has a Ride to Appointments

When your dad has an appointment with his doctor, dentist, or eye doctor, his caregiver can drive him. You don’t have to schedule a vacation or personal day or plan to be in town that day.

He’ll have help checking in, understanding any prescription changes, and making a follow-up appointment. If he does need a new prescription, his caregiver helps him pick it up at the pharmacy.

He Eats Home-Cooked Meals

Your dad’s caregiver prepares meals and snacks for him. They work on a weekly menu, if needed, and shop for ingredients together. When it’s nearing time to eat, his caregiver prepares his meal for him. If he hates eating alone, he doesn’t have to worry. His caregiver is there to join him at the table.

He Takes Care of Himself

With a senior home care aide helping your dad, he takes a shower when needed and gets dressed in appropriate clothing each day. He has help brushing and flossing his teeth, trimming his nails, and applying skin cream.

His Home Is Clean and Organized

Your dad’s home is cleaned and organized, too. His caregiver will make his bed, put away clutter, and change sheets when needed. Carpets are vacuumed, and floors are swept or dry-mopped when necessary.

Caregivers dust furniture, do the laundry, and wash dishes. Everything gets put where it belongs, so your dad won’t trip over clutter.

Senior home care ensures your dad has the help he needs as his mobility and health change. Reach out to an advisor to learn more about the availability and cost of senior home care.

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