Understanding When Your Parents May Need Companion Care at Home

Understanding When Your Parents May Need Companion Care at Home

 December 7, 2023

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Aging in place is something that many seniors want to do, but it isn’t always possible to live completely alone. Maybe their kids have grown and moved out, their partners have died, or their friends have died. This can be really lonely, and they may have ailments that make it harder to stay independent. If you notice your mom or dad struggling but still wanting to age in place, it’s time to look at hiring companion care at home. Here are some signs your loved one needs someone else around the house to help them manage aging and their homes.

They’re Lonely

When your senior loved one is lonely, it can harm their health. They’re not getting the social interaction they need by living at home, and they may be unable to drive to see their friends. It is so essential for you to visit your elderly mom or dad as much as possible during their final stage of life. If you cannot always visit or don’t know how to help them manage their lives from a distance, this is the best time to consider hiring companion care at home for your loved one. They are professionals who will not only befriend your elderly parents but also help them with household things they need to do to age in place.

They’re Not Going Out

If your loved one can’t drive, they may struggle with seeing friends and family and even grocery shopping. They can do things like online shopping and getting groceries delivered, but this may not be what they want to do. Companion care at home can help your senior loved one get around as long as it is non-emergency transportation. On the other hand, there are other services that can help your loved one get around, like rideshare services, buses, and senior transportation services. You can ensure that even as they are aging in place, they have a way to get places they think are important.

Their Personal Space Has Become Cluttered

As your senior mom or dad ages, they may not be able to bend or move as much as they used to, which impacts how much they can clean. When they stop cleaning, their space can become cluttered, which is exceptionally dangerous. Too much stuff in their space can lead to more falls and just an overall hazardous environment. Companion care at home can help with simple tasks, but you may need to think about helping your loved one with a deep clean at least once a month.

They Need Help Bathing

When your loved one stops bathing, it is the ultimate sign they need more help at home. Companion care at home and other caregivers can help seniors bathe and dress every day. Bathing is sometimes an uncomfortable topic because a senior may not want help from their adult children. This is why caregivers can come in handy. They may make your loved one feel more comfortable, especially when they don’t want to ask their kids for help. It’s so important to take your time to find the right professional caregiver for situations like bath time.

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