Too Much Meat Can be Bad for Senior Citizens

Too Much Meat Can be Bad for Senior Citizens

 August 11, 2022

A bowl of stew with meat and vegetables.

You may know that diet is essential for longevity, but your senior may not know this. They may not know what to eat for their bodies or understand nutrition as we do now. We have so much access and knowledge to new information that a senior may not have grown up with. It’s crucial for you and their home care services provider to encourage them to make healthy life choices and help them understand what foods to avoid. Believe it or not, although seniors do need a certain amount of protein, overeating meat can actually be bad for you.

There are many other ways to get protein and multiple vegetable options that hold tons of protein if you are worried about that. Avoiding meat or limiting the amount a senior eats can improve their health for many reasons. If you are trying to tell your seniors why limiting meat is essential, you should tell them about these risks listed below.

They Risk Getting Bacteria Like Coli

Coli is a bacteria in unpasteurized apple cider, raw milk, and meat. The risk of E. coli contamination is highest in ground beef. E. coli may induce stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, and renal failure in humans. This bacteria is especially harmful to the elderly because their immune systems may be impaired, and they are more susceptible to dehydration from vomiting and diarrhea. As seniors age, their immune systems may weaken, so limiting the number of bacteria they may be exposed to is crucial. If you are worried about your mom or dad eating raw meat, you may need to think about home care assistance who may be able to cook meals for your senior.

Seniors Have a Higher Risk of Developing Diabetes

Most people think the only thing that puts them at risk of diabetes is eating too many sweets, but the truth is meat can also cause problems. Diets high in animal products, notably red meat, are associated with obesity, a primary risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Three more portions of red meat each week might raise your loved one’s chance of developing diabetes. If your loved one needs everyday encouragement to make healthy life choices, you should consider hiring home care assistance to help them out.

They Have a Higher Risk for Heart Disease

Carnitine is a chemical found in red meat. During digestion, microbes in the gastrointestinal system convert carnitine into trimethylamine N-oxide. This chemical may promote plaque accumulation and artery hardening, which raises the risk of heart attack or stroke for your loved one.

Seniors May Have a High Risk Of Cancers

Certain types of cancer, like colorectal cancer, may happen more frequently among heavy meat eaters. More research needs to be done to discover what other cancer may be caused by consuming too much meat. Regardless, it is safe to say the food your seniors consume will significantly affect how long they live and their overall health.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Red meat is iron-rich. Iron is required for avoiding illnesses such as anemia, however, excessive iron may be harmful. Alzheimer’s disease may be caused by iron buildup in the brain, according to UCLA researchers. The researchers examined the brains of 31 individuals with Alzheimer’s. They discovered that the disease-affected regions of the brain had significant concentrations of iron.

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