Symptoms Your Elderly Loved One Should Never Ignore

Symptoms Your Elderly Loved One Should Never Ignore

 May 14, 2021

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Symptoms: When taking care of one’s own health, one needs to focus on what their body is telling them.

For example, some people ignore symptoms such as heartburn and indigestion, thinking it is nothing serious. Then, they have a heart attack months or years down the road. The indigestion and heartburn could have been symptoms of heart disease. Are you caring for your elderly loved one? If so, there are some symptoms that your elderly loved one should never ignore.

Severe Headaches

Severe headaches are something that many people just try to rest off. However, these types of headaches can signify cardiac cephalgia, temporal arteritis, or meningitis. If your essential that your elderly loved one has an appointment with their doctor if they have severe headaches. Just having one severe headache is normal. However, if these headaches are happening more regularly for your elderly loved one, it is important to find out why.

Chest Tightness or Pain

Has your elderly loved one told you or their home care providers that they experience chest tightness or pain? If this is something your elderly loved one is dealing with, you should get them emergency medical care. It is could be a sign that they are having a heart attack. If ignored, extensive damage could be caused or even death. The quicker that your elderly loved one gets treatment, the better their prognosis will be. Chest tightness or pain could also be a sign of GERD (or gastrointestinal reflux disease). This also requires medical attention.

Other Symptoms Never to Ignore

There are some other symptoms that you should make sure your elderly loved one never ignores. Some of these symptoms include loss of motor skills, loss of comprehension, trouble breathing, and light sensitivity. Each one of these symptoms could signify a TIA (transient ischemic attack) or a stroke. This requires immediate emergency medical attention. If you or a home care provider is watching over your elderly loved one and they insist on ignoring these symptoms, call 9-1-1 and get them the help they need.


These are some of the symptoms that your elderly loved one should never ignore. Most of these symptoms signify a serious and sometimes, life-threatening, health condition. Don’t let your elderly loved one wait it out to see if they get better or to see if the symptoms go away. If your elderly loved one is having any of these symptoms, make sure you or a home care provider gets them the help they need right away.

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