Signs Your Senior Loved One Needs Alzheimer’s Care

Signs Your Senior Loved One Needs Alzheimer’s Care

 September 25, 2023

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If you have a senior parent with Alzheimer’s their Alzheimer’s may be progressing faster than you realize. Often family members don’t notice signs of the Alzheimer’s progressing because the signs are subtle and easy to miss. But if their Alzheimer’s is progressing your senior parent need Alzheimer’s care. Alzheimer’s care is specialized care created to fulfill the unique needs of seniors who have Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s care is available for seniors at every stage of the disease, although many seniors and their families may not realize that seniors need specialty care until the start showing progression or severe symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Forgetting To Turn Things Off

If your senior parent is forgetting to things off that is a good indication that they need Alzheimer’s care and need to have someone in the house with them for safety. Everyone can occasionally forget to turn the TV off, but if your senior parent is repeatedly forgetting to turn off things that could be dangerous that is a reason for concern. For example, if your senior parent turns the stove on and forgets to turn it off. Or if they turn the faucet on to brush their teeth and forget to turn it off that could cause a flood in the home.


If your senior parent has started to wander they should have a care provider with them at home to make sure they don’t leave the house alone and get lost. A care provider can redirect seniors who are trying to leave. And they can also go with seniors if they are determined to get out of the house so that your senior parent won’t be wandering alone and not have any idea where they are. With Alzheimer’s care you won’t have to worry as much about your senior parent wandering.

Not Getting Dressed

If you notice that your senior parent has stopped getting dressed or has been wearing the same clothes for a few days it could be that they are forgetting to change their clothes or that they have forgotten how to get dressed. Alzheimer’s care providers can compassionately help seniors change from pajamas to clean clothes each day so they are ready to face the day. Alzheimer’s care providers can also help seniors with hygiene tasks so that your senior parent will be clean, dressed, and comfortable every day.

Not Eating

If your senior parent isn’t eating as much as they should and they are starting to lose weight having Alzheimer’s care will ensure that your senior loved one is getting healthy and nutritious meals and snacks. A care provider will encourage your senior parent to eat and drink water throughout the day. And the care provider can keep track of how much your senior parent is eating so you can be sure they are eating enough calories each day.

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