What Services Can You Expect from Home Care Services?

What Services Can You Expect from Home Care Services?

 May 26, 2022

A woman sitting on the lap of an older person in a wheelchair.

Understanding what types of home care services are available can give your senior a better picture of what she can expect from senior care. Here are just a few of the ways that your elderly family member can benefit from extra help.


So often seniors end up isolated and feeling lonely when that doesn’t have to be the case. In-home care providers can spend time with your elderly family member, sharing friendly conversations, and just keeping her from feeling lonely. And if your senior needs additional assistance at all, they’re there to help.

Help with Light Household Chores

Household chores take a lot more time and energy than people realize. When something happens to make it obvious just how difficult these tasks can get, it’s time to have a little extra help. Having help from home care with things like keeping your senior’s home clean and neat keeps her safer and helps her to have energy for whatever else she wants to do.

Meal Preparation

Another task that takes a lot more energy than you might expect is meal preparation. This is often when seniors find themselves relying on convenience foods that are a lot less healthy than what they should ideally eat. Home care assistance can take all of the difficulty out of meal prep, ensuring your senior is able to eat healthy foods.

Assistance with Errands

Errands are another area where you might worry about your senior’s safety. If she’s experiencing any difficulty with driving, mobility, or other issues, then simple errands may be a lot more complicated for her. Home care assistance can ensure that your senior gets errands handled when they need to be and that she has help if she needs it.

Respite Care

Another way that home care can help is to offer you respite time. Being a family caregiver is complicated and odds are very good that you have other obligations that keep you busy. At some point, you need time for yourself in order to recharge and recuperate. Knowing that your senior is in good hands while you do so is crucial.

Personal Care Assistance

Personal care tasks like changing clothes and bathing can become difficult for your senior over time as well. These are tasks that can’t just be overlooked or neglected because they are part of keeping your senior healthy and comfortable. Home care assistance can offer the right amount of help to your senior as necessary to ensure these tasks are handled regularly.

Safety Monitoring

It’s also important to ensure that your elderly family member is as safe as possible while she is at home. Home care providers have experience with determining what might be unsafe for aging adults and they can keep you apprised of what is happening in your senior’s home. This is especially important if you live far away from your senior.

Your senior can maintain her independence even if she needs all of these types of help and more. It’s about having the right help when it’s needed most that counts.

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