What to Do if Your Elderly Loved One Isn’t Eating Well?

What to Do if Your Elderly Loved One Isn’t Eating Well?

 August 14, 2020

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Has your elderly loved one been not eating well lately? There could be numerous things that are causing this to happen. With that being said, no matter what the case may be, it is essential that you and your loved one’s elderly care providers do everything you can to encourage them to eat better again.


Better Timing

Everyone knows that eating 3 meals every day is the standard way of eating. However, if you are responsible for taking care of your elderly loved one, their metabolism might not work this way. You might need to serve meals for them when they are hungry. In addition, even if you would normally expect your elderly loved one to eat vegetables with their dinner, if they want them with their breakfast, let them do that.

Adjusting the Serving Style

As your loved one gets older, the tasks they are able to do will change or decline. For instance, if you think that your elderly loved one is uncomfortable using certain types of utensils, figure out another way. If they are having difficulty using a spoon, instead of them eating soup out of a bowl with a spoon, they could drink it from a cup. If they can’t use a knife, you or their elderly care providers could cut it up for them.

Adding Spice

Your elderly loved one might not be eating well because their taste has diminished. It might seem like the food they are eating has no taste. Due to this, they would prefer not to eat. You can add spices and herbs to your loved one’s meals to create a stronger flavor for them. Just be sure not to add too much salt to their diet.

Eat with Them

Some elderly people feel lonely when they have to eat by themselves. If this is the case for your elderly loved one, you and their elderly care providers can make a plan to ensure that someone is always eating with them. This allows them to have company while they are eating and gives them the motivation or encouragement to eat well.

There are many senior citizens who don’t eat well and suffer due to a lack of nutrition. If this is the case for your elderly loved one, be sure to follow the above-mentioned tips to help them eat better. If they are still having issues, be sure to talk to their doctor about it.


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