What Can You Do When You’re Exhausted, But You Need to Keep Going?

What Can You Do When You’re Exhausted, But You Need to Keep Going?

 March 4, 2020

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Most caregivers feel as if their day never ends. The things you need to do may keep adding up, but if you’re feeling exhausted, you may push yourself even harder to keep doing more. It might be that there are some solutions you’re missing.


Check That You’ve Eaten

Caregivers sometimes have a tough time remembering to eat, or at least eat something that has nutritional value to it. Finding the time to eat can also be a problem. If you’re feeling especially worn out, try to think about what you’ve eaten and whether some of the choices you’ve made maybe were more harmful than helpful. Sugary foods or foods that contain caffeine can give you a temporary boost, but that may not help in the long run.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

If you’re not drinking enough water regularly, that wears your body down. Dehydration is a much more common cause of tiredness than most people realize. When you notice that you’re feeling really tired, first try drinking a glass of water. Wait a little while and assess how you feel. Drinking another glass of water if you’re noticing some positive results can be even more helpful. It’s a really good idea to make a habit of trying to regularly drink more water.


Look at Your Existing Health Issues

Something else to consider is any health issues you have. Many chronic health issues, as well as their treatments, can cause you to be more tired than you think that you should be based on what else is going on. It might be a good idea to talk to your own doctor about what you’re experiencing and whether there’s anything else you can try.


Step Aside for a Little Bit

If nothing else is working, this might be your body’s way of telling you that you need to rest a little more. Are you taking breaks at all? If not, it might be time to bring in elderly care providers to give you some respite time. You can use that time to help yourself to recover from what you’ve been doing, and overdoing, in terms of caregiving. This is important for you to consider on a regular basis.


When you’re doing all that you can do as a caregiver to keep yourself in good condition, you’re giving your senior a better caregiver. That’s a really important gift that only you can give to your senior.


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