Battling Depression as a Caregiver

Battling Depression as a Caregiver

 July 23, 2019

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One of the problems you might run into during your time as a caregiver is that depression can show up and make itself a pest. Battling depression is difficult enough for the average person, but if you’re caring for someone else it’s even more complicated.


Make an Appointment with Your Doctor

Very often there are medical issues underneath the other issues contributing to your depression. You may find that your doctor has some suggestions that can help you immensely. It’s worth taking the time to ensure you’re doing everything that you can to support your physical health while you work out what else to do for your emotional health.


Reach out to People You Love

Friends and family members want to be there for you. Just because you’re a caregiver that doesn’t mean you have to deal with this alone. Let them give you support, whether that’s emotional support or concrete help with tasks that need to be done. If you’re isolating yourself, that’s going to contribute to making your depression even worse.


Do What You Can, When You Can

Depression makes everything more difficult. Oddly enough, that makes you feel even worse about yourself. So do something about that. Break up big tasks and just do what you can, when you’re able to do it. Don’t hold yourself to expectations that are going to be difficult for you to maintain right now. Good enough is good enough.


Delegate Whenever Possible

When you can’t handle certain tasks yourself, that’s when delegating them is the best answer. Reach out to friends and family members who have asked how they can help. Let them shoulder a little more of the burden. They may not be able to take those tasks on permanently, but they can help you for now to lighten your load.


Don’t Expect Results Immediately

Be realistic about your situation. You’re not going to be able to bounce back from depression overnight. It’s going to take time and effort and you might be waiting on medication to kick in and help you, too. Be patient with yourself and let your brain and body catch up with what you’re doing.

So much contributes to the depression you might be experiencing while you’re a caregiver. Deal with everything that you can manage and work out a solution for the rest. Nothing has to be perfect, either, so be good to yourself on a daily basis.


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