Respite Care: Running Out of Patience? It’s Time for Respite Care

Respite Care: Running Out of Patience? It’s Time for Respite Care

 April 2, 2021

A person laying in a hammock with their feet up.

Respite Care: A 2020 report on unpaid caregiving found that there are 53 million adults providing care in the U.S.

It was an increase of more than 18 percent from 2015. The majority of adults receiving the care are 50 or older. Does that sound familiar? Respite Care may be something you need.

A person laying in a hammock with their feet up.
Senior Care in Sewickley PA: Respite Care

Chronic health conditions can make it hard for your parents to be as independent as they once were. They need some help around the home, and you offered to help. You stop by and cook meals, help with laundry, or drive them to appointments.

This arrangement often works well. There may be days when it’s harder to be patient. If your parents are particularly argumentative or having a bad day, it impacts your day. The last thing you want to do is run out of patience and say something you regret. Instead, make sure you take breaks when you need them.

Know When to Step Away

When you feel the stress building, that’s the time to step outside and take a few minutes for yourself. You don’t want to wait until the pressure has reached your snapping point. It’s okay to step away and leave your parents alone while you stand on the deck or front steps and get some fresh air.

If you can’t go outside, go to another room. Your dad is arguing with you and won’t stop. Walk out of the room and go do something in another room. Shut the door if needed.

Pick Your Battles

You may have a list of things to do, but that doesn’t mean you have to get everything done. It’s okay if you have to skip some chores. If it comes down to your mom having dinner or cleaning the shower, it won’t hurt anything if the shower goes another day without cleaning.

Learn to pick your battles with your parents, too. Your mom doesn’t want to wash her hair. She’s fighting you every step of the way. Why fight? Let her hair dirty hair for a day. It’s not likely to hurt her. She could miss several days of not having her hair washed. Use dry shampoo instead when you brush her hair.

Use Respite Care to Your Advantage

Respite care is a service offered by home care agencies that help family caregivers. It gives you a few hours or days off without leaving your parents to fend for themselves. Caregivers take over for you. Use them to go on vacation, have a week off, or run errands for a day.

Team up with professional caregivers to make sure your parents have the help they need without you being the only one they can rely on. Respite care makes it possible to take breaks when you need them. Call to learn more.

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