Personal Care at Home Remedies for Preventing Senior Scarring

Personal Care at Home Remedies for Preventing Senior Scarring

 April 14, 2023

A person with knee and leg injuries.

As your senior ages, the chances of them needing surgery are higher and more necessary. However, one thing that may make a senior uncomfortable is that scarring can happen more quickly as they age because the skin becomes thinner. So, is there a way that personal care at home can help a senior prevent scarring? Yes! Here are all the tips that personal care at home can help a senior with to prevent scarring and better care for their aging skin.

What You Should Know About Scars

Scarring is a natural part of the healing process. This means when you get a scrape, cut, or surgery, a scar will form to protect the skin and heal better. It’s not bad, but it can be unflattering and make a person feel self-conscious. It’s important to note that not all scar tissue is the same, and not all scrapes will leave a scar. Understand what you’re working with and always ask a doctor for the best advice on how to lessen the appearance of scars.

Always Keep It Clean

Personal hygiene is important as a senior. When a senior takes baths and keeps an infected area clean, it helps prevent bacteria from spreading and lessens the risk of infections. Immediately after a wound occurs, a senior should take the time to clean it out or have personal care at home help them. Soap and water will go a long way, but avoid rubbing alcohol, as this can increase the chance of scarring. Don’t overthink it but help your senior clean to prevent scars and infections.

Get Stitches When Necessary

A senior who has surgery will always get stitches, but if a senior has an accident, they should not wait to get stitches. A scar forms when it starts to heal, but if they don’t get stitches, it may not heal as fast as it can. Stitches can help a senior heal and help prevent deep scarring. With the right stitches, the appearance of a scar can seem less severe.

Don’t Pick At Spots

It’s so easy to want to peel flakey skin or scabs, but that will lead to a worse scar. When you pick at acne, scrape, or skin, it can lead to longer healing times and deeper scars which is what a senior wants to avoid altogether. You may notice some seniors impulsively pick their skin, and it’s important to remind them not to do this as it will hinder the healing process.

Use Sun Protection

SPF should be worn all year long, especially if a senior is trying to protect and heal their skin. Sun protection should be taken more seriously, especially to help minimize scarring because it will help prevent scars from forming by shielding it from the harsh sun.

Stay Still

When a scar moves around, it not only may break open and bleed, but when the scar tissue moves, it may become thicker, which means a worse-looking scar. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move at all, but it does mean you should take it easy and allow your body to heal naturally for however long it takes.

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