Lifestyle Habits That May Help Lower the Risk of Cancer

Lifestyle Habits That May Help Lower the Risk of Cancer

 June 10, 2022

A woman is getting her back covered with sunscreen.

No matter how old your parents are, as an adult child, you will want to protect your parents and encourage them to make healthy lifestyle changes. There is nothing that can 100% ensure a senior does not get cancer, but there are ways to decrease the risk of developing cancer. If you are not able to be with your elderly parent every day encouraging healthy choices, it may be time to look into hiring home care providers that can help your senior do a wide variety of things.

Home care now has many options that may help a senior live longer, healthier, and in the place they choose. Caregivers can help with everything from meal preparation, and transportation to doctor visits, light housekeeping, and more. It’s essential to create a care plan to stick to a routine and create healthy lifestyle habits that could help prevent certain types of cancer.

Avoid Tobacco or Quit Smoking

Cigarette smoking is linked to a lot of lung cancer cases and it’s best to encourage your elderly loved one to avoid this habit. It is hard to quit but it can be done. If your family decides to make a pact to quit smoking it will help you all become so much healthier and avoid second-hand smoke which can be just as deadly.

Use SPF Every Day

Many seniors think they no longer need to take care of their skin but the truth is they still need to cover up. On sunny days and even cloudy days, a senior should wear sunscreen to protect their skin. This will also limit their chances of developing skin cancer. Protective clothing goes a long way when it comes to senior care too. Ensuring they get up and dress appropriately for the day should be a massive part of their morning routine.

Encourage More Water and Less Alcohol

A glass of wine may be good for stress levels but when it comes to avoiding cancer the less alcohol the better for a senior’s health. The less alcohol you drink the better your health will be and the less likely you are to get cancer. It’s time to replace wine with water and encourage proper hydration especially as summer draws closer.

Focus on Weight

No one likes body shame and it’s true that a senior will not be the same weight as when they were 20 and they may not even have the same body shape, but there is still a target weight. A senior should find out what is considered to be their target weight and aim close to that number. Now, this does not mean they should become obsessed with the scale but rather focus on a healthy diet and physical activity throughout the day.

Go To Doctors

Regular screenings are crucial to ensure a senior does not have cancer. These screenings may help prevent diseases from occurring altogether or they may help detect them early enough to save the senior’s life. Having a doctor the senior trusts can be so important when it comes to lowering their risk of cancer.

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