How Can You Help Seniors with Dementia Stay Safe at Home?

How Can You Help Seniors with Dementia Stay Safe at Home?

 January 9, 2023

A nurse showing an elderly woman something on her tablet.

Dementia is a complicated and progressive illness. It affects every area of your elderly family member’s life. Likewise, it can cause her to experience safety issues that you might have never believed would be possible. So, what can you do to help your aging family member be safer in her home, even with dementia?

Educate Yourself as Much as Possible

Education is key to helping your senior be safe at home, regardless of challenges. The more you understand dementia and your senior’s needs, the better you can offer solutions for those challenges. If she’s new to using assistive devices, like a walker, it’s important to help her use them properly.

Modify the Home and Reduce Clutter

Clutter can be a problem for seniors, especially if they have dementia. Clutter doesn’t just present a tripping hazard, but it can be a lot for her to deal with visually. It’s also easier for her to lose things. Other changes might include making it easier for her to find and use things when she needs them.

Use Technology Whenever it Makes Sense

Technology can do a lot for your senior. Home security systems that alert you when doors open, GPS trackers that your senior can wear, and exterior cameras that help your senior feel safer can all be important tools to use. Fall alert technology can help you know whether your senior needs medical attention after a fall. Other types of technology, like video conferencing tools, can help your senior stay in touch with the people she loves. 

Provide Visual Tools Wherever You Can

Your elderly family member’s memory is likely to change a lot, as her dementia causes more changes in her brain. Visual tools, like signs and labels throughout the house, help your senior orient herself when she feels uncertain. They also help her find items when she needs them, instead of feeling helpless in her home.

Hire In-home Care Professionals

One of the best tools you can put in place for your senior if she has dementia is to hire in-home care professionals. They’re able to help your elderly family member establish and stick to routines that keep her feeling grounded and secure. They can also help your elderly family member eat healthy meals and get the rest she needs to stay as healthy as possible. 

Dementia brings with it various challenges for your senior and family caregiver. The biggest concerns are typically around safety, so if you can find the answers that address those problems, you can adjust as needed to keep your elderly family member feeling secure.

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