How Alzheimer’s Care Can Help Seniors Manage Weight

How Alzheimer’s Care Can Help Seniors Manage Weight

 April 5, 2024

A woman and an older person sitting at a table with fruit.

The truth is Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease and there is no cure for it yet. A senior may forget to do things and unfortunately that’s not the only thing that can happen. They can forget who they are, where they’re going, their body may stop responding to things, and they may have abnormal reactions to things. It can be hard to manage and that is why many seniors choose to get Alzheimer’s care at home to help guide them through this difficult time. Your loved one may be losing weight and this can be concerning for you. Here is why your loved one might be losing weight and how Alzheimer’s care can help your elderly loved one boost their quality of life.

They Lost Their Appetite

As Alzheimer’s progresses their bodies are also changing and figuring out how to live with this disease. Their hunger cues may not be the same as they used to. This means a senior may not feel hunger like they used to or they forget what it means when their stomach is rumbling. Sometimes they do know that they are hungry but they lose the ability to tell a family member when they are hungry. This can be frustrating not only for them but for you as an adult child as well. One of the best things about Alzheimer’s home care is they will help your loved one stick to a routine. This means breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served at the same time every single day. Your loved one will always have food and their bodies will adjust to this schedule. Even if they can’t remember they will be in a routine to sit down and eat at a certain time every single day. This is something that home care can help them with.

A Senior May Forget to Eat

One of the most unfortunate things that can happen to a senior is they start to forget everything. You may not worry when it is just forgetting a name or a person or an old story. But when they start forgetting things like bathing, eating, and changing it can actually be deadly to forget these basic needs. Alzheimer’s care can help remind seniors when it is time to eat and help your loved one meal prep food or help them cook throughout the day.

Some Seniors Forget How to Swallow

Unfortunately, as a senior’s disease progressive certain things stop happening. Their brain may have trouble signaling their bodies to do certain things. Even if they know to swallow or even just chew something, their body may not be able to do it. This can make them feel hurt and sad and it may make eating unappealing for them. If home care knows that your loved one is struggling with this, they may help a senior find foods they can easily eat or find other alternatives to ensure a senior is getting the nutrients they need to maintain their weight.

Seniors With Dementia Can Get Distracted

Another thing that can happen with Dementia patients is they become distracted when eating. This means a senior needs to sit down in a distraction free environment. No TV, no radio, and limited things going on. This will help them focus on what they are doing and it may help them be able to eat more. Preventing them from losing weight.

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