Homecare: Would In-home Care Help Your Aging Family Member?

Homecare: Would In-home Care Help Your Aging Family Member?

 November 26, 2021

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Homecare: The best way to know for sure that your aging family member needs help is to look at something called activities of daily living.

These are activities that are crucial for daily existence. Sometimes having just a little bit of help from someone else such as a homecare services provider, can make all the difference for your senior.

She’s Having Trouble Around Eating

Problems with cooking or eating can quickly lead to malnutrition. If you’re questioning whether your elderly family member is having trouble cooking or stocking her fridge and pantry, then in-home care providers might be the perfect solution. They can help with every aspect of ensuring your senior is eating healthy meals on a regular basis.

Her Home Is More Cluttered or Dirty

Your senior doesn’t have to be a perfect housekeeper, but it’s really crucial that her home is at least safe for her. Lots of clutter becomes a tripping hazard. And a dirty home is not very hygienic for her to live in. This is another area where caregivers can make your senior’s life easier and better.

She’s Having Trouble with Hygiene

Staying clean isn’t just for your elderly family member’s home. She also needs to be clean and wearing clean clothing on a regular basis. Mobility issues, mental health issues, and even cognitive changes can all make that much more difficult for your senior to manage on her own. Senior care providers make a big difference.

She Can’t Drive Any Longer

The driving conversation may be one that you and your senior have both been avoiding but at some point, you can’t continue to let it go. In-home care providers can take over the driving for your elderly family member, which helps her to continue to be mobile, but safely. This is a conversation you want to approach carefully, but don’t put it off.

She’s Spending Too Much Time Alone

Isolation is not healthy for anyone, but especially your senior. And if she’s having other issues with activities of daily living, she may be withdrawing a bit from the people that she cares about and who care about her. Having a daily visit from a friendly homecare services provider can really help to reduce that isolation and keep your senior involved in the lives of people around her.

Your senior’s life is full of changes at this stage. Meeting those changes head-on and with solutions that help her to stay safe is much more possible than you might think.

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