A Daily Routine Can Benefit Your Elderly Loved One

A Daily Routine Can Benefit Your Elderly Loved One

 July 22, 2020

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It is important to know that a daily routine could help your elderly loved one to have more meaning in their life. In addition, daily routines can help your loved one to know what to expect. This can reduce the stress they have and help them sleep better at night. Your elderly loved one may experience fewer issues when they know what they are going to do each day, as well.

Daily Routines

Daily routines are specific tasks or activities that someone will follow each day. For instance, your elderly loved one might wake up, brush their teeth, exercise, eat breakfast, read their newspaper, and then do a household chore. This could be their morning routine. They might also have a routine for the afternoon and evening, too. Helping your elderly loved one to keep to a routine could help them in so many ways. If your elderly loved one is currently struggling, a daily routine could help them to feel better.


Starting to Create Daily Routines

If you or a home care provider is going to help your elderly loved one to create daily routines, there are some ideas that could work. Some of the ideas include the following:

-Morning routines – Your elderly loved one should get themselves dressed (with help if needed), brush their teeth, eat their breakfast, go for a walk or exercise, do a household chore, watch television, and call a family member.

-Afternoon routines – In the afternoon your elderly loved one might need to eat their lunch, take their medications, do something with a friend or family member, and take a rest.

-Evening routines – Your elderly loved one’s evening routine might consist of eating their dinner, taking a shower, watching television, cleaning up, and getting ready for bed.
These are just some ideas of what you might want to put on your elderly loved one’s daily routine. There might be some other things that your elderly loved one needs to do. You can feel free to add those to the schedule, as well.


Everyone’s needs are different. It is a good idea to sit down with your elderly loved one and see what all they need and want. From that conversation, you can help to create a daily routine for your loved one. Keep in mind that this is a routine for now. Your elderly loved one’s needs might change as they get older or as things in their life change. Their routines can always be adjusted based on their needs and wants, at any given time.


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