Five Tips for Boosting Your Flagging Energy Fast

Five Tips for Boosting Your Flagging Energy Fast

 October 28, 2019

A woman in brown outfit doing an exercise.

If you’re noticing that your senior is running circles around you, literally or figuratively, you might have found yourself a victim of energy drains. Caregiving takes a lot from you, both physically and emotionally. But it really is possible for you to keep up with your senior and have energy left over.


Bump up Your Protein
Your body needs fuel in order to give you energy and protein is a fantastic source of fuel. Carbohydrates, particularly if they’re highly processed, are energy vampires. Proteins, like from eggs and leaner sources like poultry, can keep you fired up for a longer period of time. Start tracking the protein you’re eating and watch how it affects your energy levels.


Get Moving
You might think you don’t have the energy to exercise but moving more will help you to have more energy, believe it or not. Start out just moving a little more every day and gradually add activities. Your own doctor can help you determine how much exercise is right for you.


Ditch Your Vices
Being a caregiver means that you’re dealing with a lot of stress and sometimes frustration. All of that can mean that you’re occasionally leaning on vices more than you should. Activities like smoking or indulging in that afternoon sugar coma can be big factors in keeping your energy levels lower than they could be.


Get Stress Under Control
Stress is your enemy as a caregiver. You need to be able to delegate some tasks and take time away from everything just for you. The easiest way to do that is to hire elderly care providers to take over some of the things you have on your plate. When you’re ready to come back, you’ll find that everything went swimmingly in your absence.


Make Room for Sleep
Too many caregivers don’t get enough sleep. There’s the worrying, but there’s also the problem of going to bed too late and then getting up too early again the next day. If you’re not prioritizing sleep, it’s going to be that much more difficult to get what you need. Make it a priority to get to bed by a decent time so that you can start getting better sleep.


Leaning on short-term solutions won’t get you what you need in the long run. These ideas are going to help you get better energy now and maintain that so that when your situation becomes more demanding, you’re already ready for it.


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