Home Care Tips For Seniors Who Struggle With Mental Illness

Home Care Tips For Seniors Who Struggle With Mental Illness

 December 1, 2023

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Mental health is so important to focus on as a senior; unfortunately, it usually gets put on the backburner for your loved one. Mental illness can drastically impact your senior loved one and means your senior mom or dad is suffering from mental, behavioral, or emotional issues that are challenging to diagnose and even harder to get help for. It can also cause your loved one’s moods and thinking abilities to change, and it is important to know how you can help them manage any mental illnesses. Here are some of the best tips to ensure your loved one gets the help they need.

Hire More Help

Caring for your senior mom or dad as an adult child can be a challenge and even more so if they are suffering from things like OCD, Generalized Anxiety, or Depression. Keep in mind there are other mental health issues also not listed that can be a challenge to help with. If you are constantly overwhelmed or getting upset with your loved one, it is time to find more help. Luckily, home care professionals can help you and your senior mom or dad.

Home Care

When you start looking for home care, you should interview as many people as possible. You may want to find someone who specializes in seniors or has had experience caring for seniors and someone who has had experience helping manage mental illnesses too. Home care can help a senior by giving them a routine and keeping them on it, reminding them to take medications and to eat, getting them dressed, and helping with hygiene and oral hygiene. Home care is one of the best ways to help a senior who is struggling from a mental illness.

You are still their child, even if the roles seem reversed. Relying too much on an adult child can make them feel embarrassed or like they are losing their independence, which can negatively impact their mental health too. This is why home care can be so good for a senior struggling with their thoughts and behaviors, and it can ease the stress you feel while caring for your senior mom or dad.

Talk to a Doctor

You can tell your elderly mom or dad to be happy, but that doesn’t fix the issue, and it may actually make things work. There are times when a chemical imbalance causes mental illness and the only way to fix that is through medications. This means your loved one needs to go to a doctor and tell them what they are struggling with, and a doctor will know what they should be taking or trying to help the situation.

If your loved one needs help getting to their doctor, that is another reason to hire more help. Not all seniors can drive, and not all doctors take online patients. Home care can offer non-medical and non-emergency transportation for your loved one, making it easier to go to the doctor as an elderly person.

Take Them To Do More Activities

When your senior loved one is isolated or feels isolated, it can be deadly and horrible for their mental health. If your senior has a mental illness, they should still be getting out in the world and being around other people. Encourage more family members to visit, help them get out to community events, and tell them they should see their friends more. Being around others and doing fun activities can help battle many mental illnesses.

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