Tips for Helping Your Elderly Loved One Lower Their Bills

Tips for Helping Your Elderly Loved One Lower Their Bills

 September 18, 2020

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Do you find that your elderly loved one struggles with their bills every month? Maybe they are fighting to keep enough groceries in the house. They might be continuing to get an electric bill shutoff notice. No matter what financial issues your elderly loved one is facing, there are some tips that they can use to help lower their bills. Read over these tips and share them with your elderly loved one today.


Monthly Bills

One of the first things that your elderly loved one needs to do is to look over their monthly bills. These are bills they have every month. Some examples of these bills would be the electric bill, water bill, phone bill, etc. Your elderly loved one might qualify for a senior citizen discount on some of these bills. You or their elder care provider can help to make the calls to find out which discounts your loved one might qualify for. There also might be some monthly bills that your elderly loved one can get rid of such as a Netflix bill or a magazine subscription.


Lowering the Grocery Bill

Your elderly loved one might be having trouble paying for their bills because they have too much going out on their groceries. If this is the case, you or their elder care provider can help them to cut down on the cost of groceries. For instance, your elderly loved one might be buying too many snacks. You can encourage them to buy fewer snacks by getting snacks that are more filling. They can also shop for groceries at more affordable stores or use coupons.


Free Activities

If your elderly loved one enjoys going out and doing things, but it is costing them too much money, you can help them to find more free activities. There are often activities for senior citizens that are either free or low-cost. You can do a search for these types of activities in your elderly loved one’s area today. Many of these activities are re-occurring such as Bingo nights at a community center or free swimming at local centers.


Plan Out Gifts

Does your elderly loved one wait for birthdays and holidays and then just buy a bunch of gifts? This could be messing with their bills and putting them behind on things they need to pay. It is a much better idea for them to save money up over the course of months. This way they have the money that is needed for the gifts when the holidays or birthdays come around.



These are some of the tips for helping your elderly loved one to lower their bills. It might seem difficult at first to help them reorganize their finances and bills. However, once this is done, your elderly loved one can have less stress, knowing they aren’t struggling as much every month.


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