Meal Prep Tips for Senior Citizens

Meal Prep Tips for Senior Citizens

 April 29, 2022

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When looking up meal prep tips, your elderly loved one is likely to come up with a lot of options. They may not know where to start. This can be very discouraging and make your elderly loved one not even want to prep their meals or eat healthily. It may be easier for them to just eat pre-packaged, processed foods. If you want to help ensure your elderly loved one will follow a healthier meal plan, you and home care services providers can work with them on these meal prep tips.

Writing Down Types of Foods

One of the first steps in meal prepping is to write down the types of foods that your elderly loved one will not eat or is allergic to. For instance, if your elderly loved one will not eat mushrooms or tomatoes, write these down. If you have gotten companion care at home services, the elder care providers can make this list. It is also important to write down all the foods that your elderly loved one has an allergy to or that they can’t tolerate well. Then, when making the grocery shopping list, it will be easier to know what to avoid.

Finding Great Deals

Everyone likes to get great deals, especially with the prices of food these days. If you did get companion care at home services for your elderly loved one, the elderly care providers can help your elderly loved one to look through ads and coupons, This way they can save as much money as possible on their meals.

Going to the Stores

Unfortunately, when a lot of senior citizens go to the grocery stores they will fill their cart with frozen meals. This isn’t healthy. If your elderly loved one usually does this, it may be best for you or a home care provider to go to the stores with or for them. That way, you can help them to choose the best, healthiest foods.

Preparing the Meals

One of the best things about meal prepping is that the meals are ready to be made on any specific day. When getting home from the grocery store, you or a senior care provider can help your elderly loved one to prep their meals. It would be a good idea to have meal prep containers, that way everything can be put away in an organized manner. Labeling the containers with what meals are put in them will make it easy for your elderly loved one to know what to track on their meal plan, too.


Does your elderly loved one want or need to meal plan? If so, hopefully, the tips that are noted above, will help them to meal plan more effectively from this point forward. Don’t forget that you or home care providers can help with the meal planning process, too. If, at any point, your elderly loved one isn’t sure what to make, you can help them to choose the healthiest meals.

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