Can the Mediterranean Diet Improve Your Elderly Loved One’s Heart Health?

Can the Mediterranean Diet Improve Your Elderly Loved One’s Heart Health?

 March 26, 2020

A heart is shown in an x-ray image.


Many elderly adults worry about their hearts. There are numerous reasons why this is the case. Heart disease is very common in elderly adults. There is a range of different heart health issues that often arise as people age. If you are caring for an elderly loved one, it is beneficial to know more about how to improve their heart health. You and their caregivers can work together to make sure your elderly loved one is as healthy as possible. One of the ways you can help them to boost their heart health is with the Mediterranean diet.


Reaping the Health Benefits

Even if someone already has cardiovascular disease, they can benefit from switching to the Mediterranean diet. This is because this diet is filled with healthy oils. These healthy oils are good for the heart. In some cases, this diet can even help to reverse some of the damage that has already been done to the heart.


Fighting Off Inflammation

A lot of the food that is in this type of diet will help to fight off inflammation, which is a major problem for those who have heart health issues. Some of these foods include nuts, oily fish, olive oil, and others, as well. Each one of these foods has ingredients which are anti-inflammatories. Some research shows that these inflammation-fighting foods are even better than statins when it comes to lowering one’s chance of death from cardiovascular disease.
Fewer Side Effects

Many people who have cardiovascular health issues will need to take statins. However, statins can cause a wide variety of side effects. These side effects can make your elderly loved one feel even sicker. If your elderly loved one starts with the Mediterranean diet, instead of taking statins, they will have fewer side effects.


Using Spices and Herbs

MyPlate recommends the use of many spices and herbs. If you have your elderly loved one eating more rosemary, fennel, basil, and oregano, these can help to improve their heart health and overall health, as well. Research shows that spices can lower blood sugar, fight inflammation, improve heart functions, reduce bad cholesterol levels, and more.

If you are helping to care for your elderly loved one, it is essential to have them on a healthy diet. A diet, such as the Mediterranean diet, will help improve their heart health and their overall health. From the inflammation-fighting properties of this diet to have fewer side effects from not taking statins, this diet can help your elderly loved one in so many ways. Switch your loved one to this diet. When they start reaping the benefits, talk to their doctor to see if they may be able to go off the statins they were prescribed.


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