How Seniors Can Improve Their Posture

How Seniors Can Improve Their Posture

 May 6, 2022

A woman sitting on the ground reading a book.

May is Correct Your Posture Month and it’s a great time for seniors to focus on keeping their posture straight as they get older. When people age their posture can start to become less straight as their core strength weakens. Some seniors may develop arthritis or other problems that make it difficult for them to maintain a straight-back posture as well. Some of the things that your senior loved one and your home care provider can do to correct their posture and keep good posture as they get older are:

Sit Up Straight

Sitting up straight is essential for good posture and muscle strength. Seniors should always sit up straight without slouching when they are sitting down even when they are relaxing. It’s a good idea to purchase comfortable furniture that will help seniors maintain a good back position. Seniors can also use pillows and back supports to help keep their backs in proper alignment. Maintaining good posture now can help seniors stay strong as they get older.

Skip The House Chores

Household chores can be very damaging physically. Repetitive motion injuries are common. And seniors who struggle with things like lifting vacuums, mopping, or doing laundry can end up getting hurt. Home care is one way that seniors can get the help they need to keep their homes clean and tidy. With home care, seniors don’t have to put their own health at risk or take the risk of failing to complete the household chores that have to get done. Home care is something that can help seniors stay safe at home.

Try Yoga

Yoga is a great exercise for seniors. Yoga sequences that are designed just for seniors focus on lengthening and strengthening muscles. When seniors practice yoga to keep their core muscles and back muscles strong they will have an easier time keeping their posture straight. Yoga can also help relieve chronic pain and stiffness that can make seniors slouch or hold their bodies out of alignment in an effort to eliminate the pain that they’re feeling. You may be able to find senior yoga classes at senior centers near where your senior parent lives. There are also online classes and yoga for seniors DVDs so that your senior can practice yoga at home if they would rather do that.

Wear A Brace

As seniors get older they may find it more difficult to walk without stooping or sit without slouching down. If your senior loved one is having trouble keeping their back straight and sitting up straight or standing tall then a brace that corrects posture might be good for them. Wearing a brace may take some getting used to but ultimately it will help your senior loved one. It’s very common for seniors to start slouching as they get older, but constant slouching won’t just affect their posture it can also affect their ability to breathe. Ask your senior parent’s doctor or physical therapist about a posture correcting brace if you notice that your senior loved one is always slouching.

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