Isn’t it Too Late for Your Senior to Get Active?

Isn’t it Too Late for Your Senior to Get Active?

 January 4, 2018

A group of older women sitting in chairs holding balls.

One common excuse for avoiding exercise, especially for aging adults, is that it’s too late to start exercising now. But that’s the wrong idea because no matter when your elderly family member starts to exercise, she can reap massive benefits from committing to moving more.

Too Late Is the Wrong Mindset

As long as your aging adult is still able to move and to be active, then it’s not too late for her to become even a little more active than she is right now. Always be sure to work closely with her doctor to ensure that she’s within her limitations. It may also help to have someone available when she’s planning to exercise, whether that’s other family members or even home care providers. This adds an element of safety for your senior.

Getting Active Now Can Boost the Immune System

According to Harvard Medical School, a human immune system is a complex group of functions. Improving how the immune system functions involves overall adopting a healthier lifestyle, including exercising. How much exercise can improve your senior’s overall immune system varies widely, so there’s no way to know for sure. Small improvements can yield big results later.

She’ll Have More Energy Overall

A group of older women sitting in chairs holding balls.

Home Care in Pittsburgh: Home Care Can Help Seniors Get More Exercise!

As your elderly family member exercises more often, she’ll find that her energy levels start to improve. She’ll be able to sleep better, which will also help her to improve her energy levels. Her body will start to crave better foods, which will enable her to improve the fuel that she’s putting into her body. Eating better foods will also help her to have more energy.

All Improvements Are Good News

The bottom line is that your senior may see fast improvements that are massive for her or she may see slow, steady improvements in her overall health. Ultimately, all of the improvements that your aging family member achieves are going to give her a better quality of life.

There’s no rush for your senior. Because every little bit helps, she doesn’t have to worry about hitting her goals quickly. She can gradually ramp up her activity level as it’s comfortable for her to do so.

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