Have You Talked About the Benefits of Elder Care With Your Family?

Have You Talked About the Benefits of Elder Care With Your Family?

 August 29, 2023

A woman in blue shirt assisting an older person with a walker.

Your mom is getting older and her health is changing. She wishes is to remain in the family home, but you’re not sure how feasible that is going to be. You don’t live nearby and work and family schedules make it hard to visit as often as she needs. It’s time to discuss the benefits of elder care.

Your Mom Isn’t Alone and Isolated

When you’re at work, your mom is alone until you can stop by. She no longer drives, so she feels isolated. A caregiver can keep her company and provide the socialization she craves.

Home-Cooked Meals

Each day, your mom’s caregiver can cook her meals. She’ll have a home-cooked meal that matches her nutritional needs. Instead of heating a microwavable dinner, she has a hearty meal with protein, dairy, grains, and vegetables. She has snacks when she wants them, and her caregiver will make sure she has enough to drink every day.

Cleaning and Organization

If your mom cannot clean her home on her own, elder care can assist her. She has a caregiver to wash the dishes, make beds, vacuum and sweep floors, and dust. Her caregiver can change dirty sheets and towels, do the laundry, and put everything away.


With a caregiver stopping by each week, your mom has transportation when needed. She has a ride to the store, to her doctor’s office, and to area senior centers or community centers for social events.

Staying Active

With an elder care aide helping out, your mom stays active. She has someone to help her run errands, go for daily walks, and work in her garden. She isn’t going to try to do things on her own and risk an injury doing things that she cannot do independently anymore.

Your Family Isn’t Pressed For Time

If your mom has a caregiver helping her throughout the week, there’s more time for you to focus on your children’s or partner’s needs. You’ll be able to focus on work, go home, and enjoy family time. You don’t have to rush to your mom’s house after work, rush to your house, and try to get everything done in time to still have time for self-care. Elder care services help you better manage your time.

Elder care services help families manage time constraints without jeopardizing their parent’s safety and happiness. Talk to your mom about the things she has a harder time completing on her own. Once you have that last, arrange the elder care services that match her needs. She’s independent in her home, and you’re no longer worrying about what to do when you can’t stop by to help.

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