Explore the Ways Elder Care Aides Can Help Your Dad

Explore the Ways Elder Care Aides Can Help Your Dad

 October 31, 2022

A woman is combing the hair of an older man.

As your dad gets older, he’s having a tough time taking care of himself. His strength is diminishing, and that makes it hard for him to shower and dress. Have you explored all that elder care can help him do?

Showers and Baths

Your dad loves to take a bath after dinner, but he struggles to get out of it. Hire elder care aides to help him. Once his bath water starts to cool, he has a caregiver to help support him while he stands up, dries off, and gets into his pajamas.

If he needs help in the shower, his aide can help him settle on a shower seat. If he needs help washing his hair and body, the caregiver is there to help as much as he needs it.

Once he’s clean, his caregiver can help him apply moisturizer to his skin and dry off. If he needs his nails trimmed, that’s another option. Once he’s ready for his clothing, his caregiver can help him get dressed in the appropriate items.

Oral Care

Your dad’s hands are not strong enough to brush and floss his teeth properly. He needs help reaching the back molars with the floss. He might need help brushing his teeth, too. Elder care aides help with brushing and flossing. If he needs to use a mouthwash to strengthen his enamel, the caregiver can pour the right amount and have him rinse his mouth after his teeth are brushed and flossed.

Shaving and Hair Care

Your dad is no longer able to shave his face on his own. He can have a caregiver help him with shaving. His arthritic hands may not properly hold the razor, but that doesn’t mean he has to go without shaving. Hire elder care aides to shave him.

If he needs help brushing or combing his hair, that’s another service offered by elder care aides. Your dad may like to have his hair set with a product like hair gel or bamboo wax. His caregiver can apply it and style his hair in his preferred manner.


Your dad struggles with incontinence. He might not be able to support his weight easily while he sits down or stands up from the toilet. Your dad can’t clean up after using the toilet, but he hates having you help him.

Hire elder care aides to help him with his toileting needs. His caregiver can help him get to the toilet in time. Once he’s used the toilet, his caregiver can help him clean up and pull his pants back up and make sure they’re buttoned and zipped.

Hire elder care at home services as soon as your dad needs them. He shouldn’t have to struggle with grooming, hygiene, and toileting. Elder care aides can help him take care of himself without making him feel that he’s lost his independence. Call and ask a specialist how to get started.

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