Elderly Care: 4 Video Chatting Essentials For Seniors

Elderly Care: 4 Video Chatting Essentials For Seniors

 November 11, 2021

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Elderly Care: Video chatting is a fantastic way to stay connected to your senior loved one when you can’t be there.

It also gives your senior loved ones a way to stay connected to their friends and family. Often family members assume that video chatting is going to be too complicated for seniors to master but these days video chatting is as simple as pushing a button. Video chatting also allows seniors to access telemedicine which can make it easier for them to see a doctor or ask a medical professional if they are experiencing a change in their health. Elderly care providers can be there to assist your senior with the technology if necessary.

Some of the things that your senior loved one should have for video chatting are:

A Ring Light

A ring light is a circular light on a tripod that can be used during video calls to provide proper lighting for the video. Ring lights are very inexpensive and will make it much easier for your senior loved one to be able to see the buttons on the video device they are using as well as making it easier for you to see your senior loved one during a video call. You might think that it doesn’t really matter how well you can see your loved one during a call but if your senior loved one is using video for telemedicine the lighting must be good so that the doctor or nurse can assess your senior loved one’s pallor and get other cues about their health from how they look. An elder care provider can help set up the ring light and take it down.

A Smart Phone Or Tablet

When choosing a device for your senior loved one to use for video chatting choose one that will be large enough that they can easily see the video and commands but thin enough that it won’t be too heavy for them to hold, especially if they have arthritis or weak grip strength. For seniors with weak grip strength, a stand or some kind can hold the device steady during a call so that they don’t have to hold the device in their hands. You can also look at freestanding devices that can be placed on counters, shelves, or on tables and are voice-activated so that all your senior loved one needs to do is tell the device to make or answer a video call.


If your senior loved one is using a smartphone to make video calls they may have a cellular data plan which means they won’t need Wifi in order to make video calls but if they are using an old smartphone with no cellular service or if they are using a tablet, laptop, or freestanding device they will need to have Wifi in the home in order to make and receive video calls.

Elderly Care: Someone To Help Facilitate

Until your senior loved one gets the hang of video chats they may need some help making and receiving calls. An elderly care provider who helps your senior loved one can help get you connected with your senior loved one by operating video chatting devices and apps for your senior loved one.

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