Elder Care Tips to Prepare Your Home For a Senior Loved One

Elder Care Tips to Prepare Your Home For a Senior Loved One

 July 14, 2023

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Preparation is critical whether you have lived with a senior before or are planning to share your space. Although the adjustments required vary depending on factors like health, or pre-existing conditions, the primary goal is to enhance safety. The last thing you want is to come home and find your loved one on the floor after a severe fall. Bringing an older adult into your home provides more than just meals and shelter but also provides a safe and healthy environment. A professional elder care service can help eliminate potential concerns and guarantee seniors’ well-being.

Replace Dangerous Flooring

Preventing fall goes a long way in improving your home for an older family member. If your loved one drags their feet or has balance issues, eliminate tripping hazards like hardwood or tile flooring and high-pile carpets. This is an excellent way to make the house safer for seniors to move around. In addition, having a certified elder care service on the premises gives you peace of mind knowing your older loved one is in safe hands.

Secure Rugs

There are many products on the market that you can use to keep your rugs in place and minimize fall risks. You can opt for grip tape or non-slip pads, which keep the edges from curling and possibly tripping the older adult. If you want to clean under the rug, these products can be reactivated with water and leave no marks on your floors. Grip tape can also be used for rugs placed over carpets, so you don’t have to remove the rugs.

Add a Shower Bench

Many fall and slip accidents occur in the bathroom, especially for seniors. You can minimize the slipping risks in the bathroom by adding a shower bench that gives your older loved one the independence to shower independently. If the senior has a condition affecting mobility or overall function, an elder care provider can help with cleaning to prevent slipping. A handrail is another safety addition you can install in the bathroom to make things easier without compromising safety or comfort.

Light Stairs Properly

In most cases, older adults only have to tackle a few stairs. However, proper lighting is critical to help them trek up and down safely. Poorly lit staircases can cause severe injuries, so installing light fixtures under each stair is advisable. Lighted handrails are also an option if you want your electric bill to skyrocket. Hire an electrician to install the lighting and ensure all the wiring is tucked away safely.

Hire an Elder Care Provider

Even if you take all the necessary precautions, seniors can’t take care of themselves all the time; and family members may have obligations that conflict with the care schedule. The best solution is to hire a professional caregiver with extensive experience and knowledge. Elder care providers guarantee round-the-clock services and professionally address your loved one’s needs. Schedule a consultation today with a certified caregiver, and learn how to improve your home’s safety.

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