Elder Care Tips On The Best Breakfast Foods For Seniors

Elder Care Tips On The Best Breakfast Foods For Seniors

 November 22, 2023

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it gives our bodies the energy they need to perform the tasks of our daily routine. It’s no different for your elderly loved one. In fact, breakfast may be the most important meal he eats all day because it sets up how he will eat for the rest of the day. If he skips it, he may find himself trying to make up for those lost calories later in the day when he doesn’t need the energy. Or he might find his glucose levels fluctuating all day long, creating cravings for high-sugar and high-carb foods.

If your loved one has an elder care provider that helps with meals, add breakfast to the top of their list. Even if they aren’t with your senior each morning. The elder care provider can help him shop for these five foods and sometimes even prepare them ahead of time so that in the morning, all your loved one needs to do is grab one or two and be on his way to a healthy and energetic day.


While eating a lot of eggs can be unhealthy, adding an egg or two to his breakfast routine can be a great way to make sure your loved one gets the protein and fat content he needs. Eggs are low in calories but those calories are packed with protein. Most eggs have 6 grams of protein for only about 80 calories. Protein will help your loved one retain his muscle mass so he has the stamina and strength to do what he wants.


We bet you didn’t see that one coming. Potatoes have an amazing amount of potassium – more than a banana. Potassium plays an important role in water absorption and lowering blood pressure. The key is to include them in breakfast in a healthy way, not soaking in oil and packed with salt.

Low Fat, Low Sugar Yogurt

There are lots of high-sugar yogurt cups on the grocery store shelves, so have your elder care provider help your loved one find low-fat, low-sugar yogurt to boost his health each morning. Yogurt contains probiotics to help with gut health as well as plenty of protein (especially if he chooses Greek yogurt). It can be paired with fruit or healthy granola for a delicious breakfast.


Oatmeal can keep those sluggish digestive systems on track so it’s a great choice if your loved one suffers from constipation or other bowel issues. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol so it packs a strong healthy punch to any breakfast.

Fruit Smoothie

For those who like to drink their breakfast, a smoothie can be a delicious option. Just watch the ingredients to make sure the sugar level isn’t too high. A smoothie made with fruit, yogurt, some protein powder, and even dark green, leafy veggies (like kale or spinach) will provide a tasty and nutritious breakfast for your loved one.

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