Elder Care Tips on Keeping Seniors Cool This Summer

Elder Care Tips on Keeping Seniors Cool This Summer

 June 14, 2024

Elder Care in Fox Chapel, PA

The summer solstice is quickly approaching and with that comes some of the highest heat of the year. This time of the summer represents when the days are at it’s longest. That means the sun works its magic for a lot longer. Which also means our seniors are at risk of overheating and dehydrating. Your senior loved one may need elder care to help them around this summer. Here are some of the best tips you can start implementing in your elderly parents’ life to keep them healthy and refreshed this summer.

Focus on Hydration

One of the biggest tips you will always see is going to tell you to focus on hydration. It’s always one of the first tips listed because it is one of the most important. If you are not always with your seniors you may not realize they don’t drink enough water. Elder care can help watch your loved one and also keep an eye on how much they are actually drinking. By drinking enough fluids, your senior loved one will be able to regulate their body temperature easier. Which can also help them stay cooler and they won’t risk dehydration. Elder care can help your loved one by counting the amount of ounces they are drinking and always ensuring they have water nearby and even providing reminders. This is one of the easiest ways to keep a senior healthy during the summer months when the weather is at its hottest.

Find Shady Places

When a senior is outside it can be hard to stay cool especially in direct sunlight. A senior should not be inside all day every day, in fact it is crucial and so healthy to get outside. However, being in direct sun is one of the easiest ways to overheat even if they are drinking tons of water. Elder care should help your loved one find shade or even bring umbrellas to make shade for your loved one. This will not only help them keep cooler but it will also protect their skin from the sun as well.

Get Dressed Correctly

Not all seniors want to rely on their kids to help them get dressed. But, if they wake up and start putting on the easiest clothes they have, it might be a problem. They should be wearing light clothes that are airy but they may not be easy to put on. Elder care can help your loved one by ensuring they are dressed for the weather and will not put on things like a turtle neck on a 90 degree day. Dressing appropriately will be a good way for a senior to stay cool or warm depending on the weather.

Use Fan In The House

If your senior does not have central AC they can still make one window unit work for the whole house. However, they will need to use fans and place them strategically to get the best air flow. This is something that elder care can help a senior with to ensure the house stays a good temperature.

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