Tips for Creating a Positive Experience for Someone Who Has Alzheimer’s Disease

Tips for Creating a Positive Experience for Someone Who Has Alzheimer’s Disease

 March 19, 2020

A man and woman dancing together in front of the wall.

Has your loved one been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease? If they are still in the early or mid-stages of this disease, there are some ways that you can create positive experiences for them. Before trying these things, make sure you know whether your loved one would like or be irritated by these things. It would be unfortunate if you were trying to help your loved one, only to make them more aggravated.


Pet Therapy

One of the ways that you can create a positive experience for someone who has Alzheimer’s disease is through pet therapy. If your loved one interacts with a small horse, cat, or a dog, this could put them in a better mood. Even watching birds out of their window or at the local park could be uplifting.


Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is another great way to boost your loved one’s mood and make them feel better. Before going this route, you want to make sure your loved one isn’t afraid to be touched. Many people who have Alzheimer’s disease don’t like to be touched. If your loved one doesn’t mind, massage therapy can be very healing for them. It can even induce feelings of love and positivity.


Dance and Music Therapy

You could also create a more positive experience for your loved one through dance and music therapy. This often makes people with Alzheimer’s disease feel more joyful. If you can find songs from your loved one’s youth, this can make the experience even more positive and joyful. You and your loved one could dance to the songs from their childhood. You could also see if their senior care provider would mind dancing with them, as well.


Art Therapy

Many people who have Alzheimer’s disease enjoy art therapy. This often helps them to feel more positive and uplifted. In addition, it often works to boost their self-esteem. If your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease and they are into art, you might want to get them into an art therapy program. You could even just do arts and crafts in the comfort of their home. They might enjoy creating art with you or another loved one.


These are some of the best ways to create a positive experience for someone who has Alzheimer’s disease. If your elderly loved one has this disease, you should try some of these things to help them feel happier, more joyful, and more in touch with their true self. Some of these things could even boost their self-esteem.


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