Does Your Elderly Loved One Have an Anxiety Disorder? Here’s How to Help Them Handle Anxiety Related to COVID-19.

Does Your Elderly Loved One Have an Anxiety Disorder? Here’s How to Help Them Handle Anxiety Related to COVID-19.

 May 7, 2020

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Anxiety plays a role in millions of people’s lives across the world. If your elderly loved one suffers from an anxiety disorder. If this is the case, it is likely that COVID-19 has them feeling anxious. Don’t worry. They are not alone. There are ways that you can help them handle their anxiety related to this virus.


Mental Health Professional Assistance

If your elderly loved one is having a tough time dealing with their anxiety due to COVID-19, it may be beneficial for them to get help from a mental health professional. Talking to a professional counselor can help address your loved one’s anxieties. It could also help them to just talk about their feelings with someone outside of their immediate family. If your elderly loved one is feeling overwhelmed and anxious due to COVID-19, see if they would like to schedule an appointment with a mental health professional.


Determine the Source of the Anxiety

Where are your elderly loved one’s emotions coming from? They might be feeling anxious about COVID-19 because they have had a loved one pass away recently. Maybe they are anxious because of all the unknowns including not knowing when the social distancing order will end. They might miss their family members and friends. If you or your loved one’s elder care providers can help them to find the source of their anxiety, this will be the start they need to find a solution or coping method.


Positive Self-Talk

Your elderly loved one can also manage their anxiety through positive self-talk. This may be something that you or their elder care provider need to help them with. Have your elderly loved one repeat a positive saying to themselves every day. This could be something like “I can handle anything that comes my way” or “I am okay.” Positive affirmations have shown to be beneficial when it comes to managing emotions such as anxiety.


These are some of the ways that your elderly loved one can handle their anxiety related to COVID-19. If they already have a pre-existing anxiety disorder, the COVID-19 pandemic may be aggravating their symptoms. However, remind them to do these things and you can help them to find the proper coping skills. Don’t forget if the anxiety is debilitating, a mental health professional would be available to help. While many places are closed down due to the pandemic, mental health professionals are still available for appointments to those who need them.


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