Elder Care: New Tech For Seniors

Elder Care: New Tech For Seniors

 January 19, 2022

A woman sitting on top of a couch holding an ipad.

Elder Care: In today’s society, technological devices have become commonplace.

Just as smartphones such as the iPhone and Android devices and the lithium-ion battery were enthusiastically accepted, contemporary technology is now used and relied upon to perform everyday tasks. There is a misconception that seniors don’t know how to keep up with technology, but that is not true today. You or your elder care provider may have to show your seniors how these devices work, but the truth is they are more capable than you may think.

With modern-day advances, so much new technology can improve a senior’s life. These advances allow you to stay connected even when you are not there caring for your senior. It may also allow them to socialize with other friends and family members they may not see in person. However, remember that technology does not care for the person like a caregiver. It may help in certain areas, but if you are worried about your senior parents living alone, it is time to look into elder care providers.

Technology is a tool that can be utilized to upgrade a senior’s life, but it is by no means a replacement for elder care associates or other things that a senior may need. A senior may connect with help, doctors, and individuals through technology, but there are times when a person should be in the home with a senior. If a senior wants to age in place, they need a support system. This means elder care providers, doctors, useful technology, and friends or family. If you have been looking for new technology to implement in your senior’s home, take a look at this list of the latest gadgets that may improve your senior’s life.

Robot Vacuum

Not all seniors can easily move around and certain household chores may become much harder for seniors to do. Caregivers may help with a lot of the household chores that need to get done but the truth is seniors like feeling independent. They may not ask elder care providers to do certain things because they feel as if it is their job. Luckily, there are tons of electronics and gadgets that can make running a household much easier. Finding a little vacuum that can go over carpet and wood can be one of the best ways to keep a home clean and running.

Smart Phones for Seniors

Every senior who goes out for walks or continues to run errands should have a phone for emergencies. There are tons of cell phones directed for senior use and you are sure to find one that suits their lifestyle. Some of them will also have call for help buttons in case of emergencies and your senior is alone. This is something that is important to keep safe today.


Finding the right tablet for your seniors will allow them to stay connected with friends, family, doctors, and more. They will also be able to use them for social media accounts like Facebook or use them as something to read on.

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