Should You Ever Laugh as a Caregiver?

Should You Ever Laugh as a Caregiver?

 July 30, 2019

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Humor is a powerful tool. That’s a lot of the reason that stand-up comedians are so popular, even when they’re talking about darker subjects. But when you’re a caregiver, is it wrong for you to be laughing about little things here and there? It really isn’t, but you might have to dig deeper to understand why laughter is okay and even a good idea.


Sometimes Funny Things Happen

Life is inherently funny. Funny stuff happens every day, even in iffy situations. Being able to find the humor in situations that otherwise aren’t the greatest is truly a gift. If you and your elderly family member are able to find humor in what she’s dealing with right now, embrace that.


It Can Help You Cope to Laugh

You might have noticed in other situations that laughing can release tension and give you a boost that you badly need. The times that you’re able to laugh are ones in which you’re faced with a situation that might not be optimal, but seeking out that funny bit allows you to deal with all the rest that isn’t quite as humorous. It’s definitely a gift.


Lightening up Sometimes Is Definitely Okay

Your senior might be experiencing some dark moments right now. But does that mean that you and she both can only experience doom and gloom? It’s much better for both of you that you’re able to find something to laugh about and to embrace something lighter. No one can experience just the dark, sad aspects of life day in and day out and feel alright about that.


Just Make Sure You’re Not Making Fun of Your Senior’s Situation

The one thing you do want to make sure of is that you’re not making fun of your senior or her situation. Humor like that can get really mean very quickly and that’s not the type of humor you’re looking for here. You can laugh at some things that seem not very funny without poking fun at your elderly family member directly. The last thing you want to do is hurt her feelings when she’s already not feeling great.


Finding humor in life is a big part of being human and enjoying life. When you’re not able to find the humor in any situation, even the funny ones, that can be a bad sign. You might want to consider hiring elder care providers to help you get away from caregiving now and again. That can help you to find your sense of humor again.


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