Companion Care at Home Can Help Seniors With Loneliness

Companion Care at Home Can Help Seniors With Loneliness

 April 10, 2024

A woman and an older lady knitting together.

Is your mom determined to stay in her home even though she’s living there alone? You’re probably worried about her, but you shouldn’t be. Your mom can live in her home quite comfortably with just a little bit of help.

One of the things that can help your mom be healthy and happy is companion care at home. If your mom has health problems that make going out difficult for her, she may be lonely at home. And if she doesn’t have a lot of friends or family in the area where she lives, she may not be getting enough social interaction. Companion care at home provides friendship and companionship.

With regular visits from a companion your mom won’t have to go out to talk to people, share meals with people, and just enjoy having someone else’s company.

Provide Companionship and Emotional Support

One of the primary benefits of companion care is social interaction and emotional support. Having a companion can prevent your mom from feeling lonely or isolated now that she is living alone.

Companions can engage in conversation, play games, watch movies, or accompany your mom on outings when she is well enough.

Taking Your Mom To Appointments

Whether your mom needs to go to the doctor, the hair salon, or to another appointment it will be easier and more fun for her if she has someone to take her. And if you work or don’t live in the area and you can’t take your mom where she needs to go a companion can. Your mom is much more likely to get the medical care she needs and take care of other errands if a companion is there to go with her and help her.

Respite For Family Caregivers

If you or other family members are involved in your mom’s care, companion care at home can provide much-needed respite and support for family caregivers. Having a companion caregiver allows family members to take breaks, attend to their own needs, and recharge, knowing that their loved one is in capable and caring hands.

Talk About Their Feelings

If your mom is feeling lonely because her spouse passed away, or because she has lost most of her family, talking to a companion can help. Talking about old memories, feelings, and grief in general can help seniors process their emotions and move through the different stages of grief. A companion can be a great comfort to your mom if your mom is still healing after a big loss.

Activities At Home

Seniors who have a hard time getting out of the house often struggle with boredom. Having a companion that comes to the house means that your senior parent will have someone who will do activities with them. Whether it’s doing arts and crafts, playing board games, reading books, playing music, or other activities, your mom will have a lot of fun. And the activities are excellent for maintaining cognitive skills too.

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