Celebrate National Pollinator Week with Elder Care

Celebrate National Pollinator Week with Elder Care

 June 15, 2023

A bee is sitting on the flower of an ox-eye daisy.

The warm weather brings fragrant flowers that attract all kinds of pollinators, from bees to butterflies to hummingbirds. The week of June 19-25 is designated as National Pollinator Week, created to raise awareness of the necessity of these insects and birds in order to keep our planet healthy. Pollinators carry pollen from plant to plant which is critical to plants being able to reproduce. Pollinators keep more than 180,000 different plant species alive and thriving. Because of their hard work, one in three bites of food you eat are due to the work they did.

So, this week and all summer long is a great time to plan some fun activities with your aging loved one to celebrate the pollinators that are a part of their community. Here are five ways to celebrate the birds, bees, bats, and insects that keep our world both beautiful and well-fed.

Visit a Garden

A garden is the best place to find those insects that pollinate all of the flowers that brighten up our world. Whether it’s a quick drive over to a local garden with their elder care provider, or a day trip with the family to a large show garden in the big city, your loved one will enjoy wandering around a garden and seeing all of the beautiful flowers and amazing pollinators. They might even see hummingbirds busy at work pollinating those flowers.

Enjoy Some Local Honey

One direct result of the bee pollinators is honey. Your loved one can attend a local farmer’s market with her elder care provider to pick up some honey made by local bees. This not only supports a local business but helps ensure that bee farms thrive and succeed. An added benefit is that some people say eating honey made from local bees helps people with allergies better manage their symptoms.

Set Up a Bat House

If your loved one has a yard, she might want to set up a bat house to attract bats into the area and provide them with a safe place to live. Bats pollinate those flowers that many insects don’t so they contribute to the pollination process as well.

Plant a Butterfly Garden

It can be a large garden in the yard or a small garden on the porch or deck, but planting flowers that attract butterflies and bees is a great way to make sure those pollinators have enough pollen to gather. Your elder care provider can bring your loved one to the local plant nursery to find out which plants work best in her area and are great for pollinators.

Create a Water Space

Birds and bees both need water so adding a water attraction to the garden by creating a pond or simply filling a bird bath is one way to make sure they have plenty to drink, especially if you end up with a hot, dry summer. Water helps bees digest their food and keeps the hive healthy.

Celebrating National Pollinator Week with your nature-loving loved one is a great way to protect the earth and spend some quality time together.

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