Work with Your Elderly Loved One on Fire Safety

Work with Your Elderly Loved One on Fire Safety

 April 30, 2020

A green house with fire coming out of it.

Unfortunately, there are many elderly adults who lose their life due to a fire in their own homes. There are many reasons why this happens. Many elderly adults can’t move very well, so it is more difficult for them to get out of their home. Other elderly adults may not be able to hear the smoke detector going off. It is important that you and your loved one’s elder care providers work with them on fire safety in their home. If you do the things mentioned below, you can help to keep your elderly loved one safer in case of a fire.

Alternatives to Smoke Alarms

As previously mentioned, there are many elderly adults who don’t hear smoke alarms going off. Due to this fact, they often get stuck in their homes, because the fire has grown too big, stopping them from getting out. It may be best if you have an alternative to smoke alarms for your elderly loved one. The good news is there is a newer technology to help elderly loved ones and others in the case of a fire. Your loved one could wear a device that is synced to the smoke detector. It will vibrate to let your loved one know there is a fire. Some smoke detectors will flashlights so that the elderly loved one will see it going off. Other smoke detectors can be placed under a mattress and shake your loved one’s bed, so they know there is a fire.


Getting a Security System for the Home

It could also be helpful if your elderly loved one has a security system for their home. In the case of smoke from a fire, the security system would alert the local fire department. This prevents your loved one from having to worry about calling the fire department. They can just focus on getting out of their home safely.

Escape Routes – Make a Plan

You should also work with your elderly loved one on how they will get out of their home if there is a fire. They should have at least 2 escape routes if possible. Each escape route should be easy enough for your elderly loved one to get out of the home. If it is too stressful or complicated, your elderly loved one might panic, which isn’t what you want them to do. In addition, you should put motion sensor lights along the escape route, so your loved one can get out easier.

Picking a Safe Place

Finally, your elderly loved one needs a safe place to go once they make it out of their home. It could be a neighbor’s home, down the street, or out at the end of the driveway. They need to get away from their home as they wait for the fire department to get there. Make sure your loved one knows where to go after they exit their home.

These are some of the ways to work with your elderly loved one on fire safety in their home. Practice the escape routes and safe place location with your loved one, so you can help keep them safe if there is a fire. It might also help to periodically practice the route. If you can’t do this often, have their elder care provider practice with them.


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