Are Your Senior’s Feet Changing as She Ages?

Are Your Senior’s Feet Changing as She Ages?

 January 19, 2018

A woman 's hands and feet with french manicure.

With all of the other changes going on in your aging adult’s life, she might feel as if her feet are one of the few constants. She and you might be surprised at just how much her feet can change as she grows older.


Foot Pain Definitely Means Something

Pain in her feet may be something that your senior is tempted to ignore. After all, feet can hurt for a variety of reasons. But it’s a rare occurrence for foot pain to mean nothing at all. If your senior is experiencing pain in her feet, then it needs to be triaged to see what is causing the pain. Ignoring foot pain could lead to a host of other problems for your senior, up to and including taking a nasty fall.


Uncomfortable Shoes Won’t Change with Wear

Talk to your senior about her habits when she buys new shoes. If she believes that uncomfortable shoes will break in eventually, this is a habit that you’ll want to coax her to change. Uncomfortable shoes can actually cause foot problems to become worse, which is not what your elderly family member is going to ultimately want. Buying comfortable shoes that fit properly is the best habit.


Examine Feet Regularly for Changes or Wounds

Because your senior’s feet are the farthest limbs from her torso, they can show signs of circulation problems or other ailments, such as diabetes. Examining your senior’s feet regularly for any changes in skin texture, wounds, or other symptoms, such as tingling or numbness, is vital. The earlier that you spot those potential issues, the sooner you can help her find the right solution. Eldercare providers can help you to know what to look for when you’re examining your aging adult’s feet.


Shoe Size Doesn’t Remain Constant

Your aging adult is not likely to have one shoe size throughout her entire adult life. In fact, as she ages, her shoe size may change far more often than either of you realize. This is why visiting a shoe store that can properly measure her feet ensures that your senior always has shoes that fit her properly.

Keeping up with the changes your senior and her feet are experiencing is vital to her overall health. Those small changes can be big clues for your aging family member’s doctor.

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