5 Ways Home Care Assistance Can Help Seniors With Shopping

5 Ways Home Care Assistance Can Help Seniors With Shopping

 May 30, 2024

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Seniors who want to age in place love the independence of living on their own. But, some of the tasks that come with living alone can be a challenge for seniors. Shopping is one of those tasks that can be very difficult for seniors to do on their own. Seniors that have home care assistance have help with tasks like shopping, cleaning, and cooking. Home care assistance makes it easier for seniors to enjoy aging in place because they won’t struggle to keep the pantry full and the house clean. It’s easy to take for granted the ability to do things like shop, drive, and even lift up grocery bags.

Mobility Issues

Shopping usually involves a lot of walking. Think about the last time you shopped in a big box store and had to walk all over the store to get what you needed. Seniors may experience mobility limitations due to conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, or reduced muscle strength. Walking long distances or navigating crowded grocery aisles can be physically challenging and painful for older adults with mobility issues.

Transportation Challenges

Seniors who no longer drive may face difficulties accessing grocery stores, especially if they live in areas with limited public transportation options. Taxis and rideshares can be expensive and confusing for seniors. Often taxis and rideshares aren’t equipped to drive seniors who have walkers or wheelchairs. Home care assistance that includes transportation makes shopping much easier for seniors.

Cognitive Impairment

Seniors with cognitive impairments such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease may struggle with memory, attention, and decision-making, making it challenging to create shopping lists, follow directions in the store, or remember where items are located. Seniors experiencing cognitive changes may become frightened and panic if they don’t know where they are or don’t recognize anyone around them.

Sensory Changes

Age-related changes in vision, hearing, and taste perception can affect seniors’ ability to navigate grocery stores effectively. Poor vision may make it difficult to read labels or identify items on shelves. Changing smell can make seniors choose out of date items thinking they are fine. It’s much better for seniors to shop with someone who can help them.

Poor Flexibility

A lack of flexibility can make it painful or impossible for seniors to do things like reach up to get something from a shelf, then bend down to put it in a cart. Seniors often struggle to pick up heavy items from the shopping cart and place them on the belt. When they’re done shopping, your senior mom or dad has to lift those heavy bags into the vehicle, and then lift them out when they get home. By the time your senior parent gets the groceries put away they can be so tired they need to rest for a long time.

With home care assistance your senior parent won’t have to go through the physical and mental hardships of shopping. They will have help with essential tasks like shopping and running errands.

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