5 Personal Care at Home Tasks Seniors Need the Most Help With

5 Personal Care at Home Tasks Seniors Need the Most Help With

 July 26, 2023

A man is cutting his nails with scissors.

Your dad has Alzheimer’s, and he’s still able to take a shower on his own with cues, but there are other areas where he struggles. These are five of the most common areas of grooming and hygiene that seniors with Alzheimer’s need help completing in the middle stages., and personal care at home can help.


Your dad’s lost the concept of seasons. He can’t tell you what month or season it is, and that’s made it difficult for him to figure out what to wear. He often tries to put on a heavy sweater on hot, humid days.

It’s important to make sure he has help picking out his clothes. A heavy sweater isn’t suitable if he likes to sit outside on his deck in the sun. In the winter, he can’t always go outside in just a sweatshirt, slippers, and jeans.

Putting away clothing that’s inappropriate for the weather is helpful. It’s also important that someone, such as his personal care at home provider, is checking what he wants to wear to make sure it is appropriate for the activities he plans to do and the weather forecast.

Nail Care

Keep your dad’s nails trimmed and filed to avoid hangnails or nails that dig into neighboring toes. If his toenails get too long, there is a risk that they’ll cut into his neighboring toes when he wears shoes. Walking is uncomfortable, and the infection risk increases.

Oral Care

Brushing and flossing his teeth is crucial, but your dad forgets. When he does start to brush his teeth, he loses track of how long it’s been or what areas have already been brushed. He cannot floss his teeth as he simply doesn’t remember which teeth have been flossed.

If you’re not there to help him brush and floss his teeth, it doesn’t get done correctly. Personal care at home services can make this easier to manage each day.

Skin Care

Skin care is also important as your dad’s diet may not be as good as it once was. He may not like the foods he once loved, and he prefers softer, sweeter foods like yogurt, applesauce, and pudding. His skin is dry and flaky.

Infection is a risk that your dad faces, especially if his skin cracks. Moisturizing lotion is important. If he’s experiencing incontinence, he also needs a barrier cream to protect his skin from irritation.


Incontinence is common as Alzheimer’s progresses. After using the toilet, your dad may need help cleaning up. If he doesn’t clean properly, UTIs and skin infections are common. He may also need help remembering how to get to the bathroom or when he needs to try as bladder cues may not be easy for his brain to process.

If you’re uncomfortable helping your dad or he doesn’t want your help, arrange personal care at home aides. They can help your dad with toileting, skin care, showering, oral care, and more. Call a personal care at home specialist to make the arrangements.

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