5 Factors to Consider While Helping Your Senior Recover After a Stroke

5 Factors to Consider While Helping Your Senior Recover After a Stroke

 July 8, 2022

A woman is helping an older person with her medical equipment.

Stroke survivors have a lot to contend with when they come home. Whether your elderly family member is able to walk or not, she may need some extra help to recover once her doctor clears her to come home. The bigger the challenges she’s facing, the more help she may need. Having help overnight such as senior care may also be an essential part of her being able to safely recover as quickly as possible.

Fall Risk Is a Huge Issue After a Stroke

A stroke affects everything from muscle tone to your senior’s ability to control parts of her body. It’s vital to talk with her doctor about what fall risks your senior is facing now that she’s recovering at home from her stroke. The better you understand her specific fall risks, the more you can do to help her to overcome those risks and avoid a potential fall. The last thing that you want her to have to face is another injury on top of stroke recovery.

It’s Important for Her to Eat Healthy Foods

Regaining her strength is going to take time and that also means getting plenty of nutrition each day. Home care providers can be a huge help to your senior as she returns home and needs to keep eating the right foods to heal. They can make sure that meals are ready for her when it’s time for her to eat again. This is another topic to discuss with her doctor just in case dietary changes are necessary after your senior’s stroke.

She May Need More Help than She Realizes

The reality is that your elderly family member is likely to need a lot more help than she realizes. Recovering from a stroke can take a very long time as her brain and body heal. Having caregivers available is going to make that recovery process a lot easier for your senior and helps to preserve her quality of life.

Overnight Assistance Is Important, Too

Especially in the beginning, having 24-hour home care providers with your elderly family member is a very good idea. Your elderly family member doesn’t just need help during the day, but also at night when unexpected situations might arise. Having that help right there in the form of 24-hour home care is essential.

Watch for Signs of a Second Stroke

Something else that you and your senior need to learn are what signs could indicate that your elderly family member is at risk of experiencing a second stroke. Elder care providers can help with this as well, watching for any signs that there’s something going on that needs to be addressed. The sooner your elderly family member gets help in that situation, the better her likelihood is of avoiding that second stroke altogether.

Healing is such a complicated process, even if the stroke your elderly family member experienced was a relatively mild one. Taking her time recovering is the key to letting her body and her brain rest as she heals. Having the help that she needs allows her to do exactly that.

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